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Lesley Veach

Lesley VeachPatience and Tenacity – rare qualities in today’s hurry-up world – are cornerstones of Lesley Veach’s real estate practice. Focus and attention are her hallmarks – listening while clients share their dreams and goals, then answering their questions and helping them explore their options without pressure.

Lesley’s former position as an executive associate with a mediation firm gave her years of knowledge in assisting people in stressful situations. Although buying or selling a home is hopefully a happier venture, it still can come fraught with anxiety. To ensure a successful experience, Lesley utilizes her talent for guiding people through unfamiliar and emotional processes, as well as her skill and experience in understanding and explaining contracts, negotiating, working with attorneys, and remaining calm under pressure.

Real estate is a relationship-based business, and Lesley strives to create client relationships built on trust and confidence. Her ultimate goal: a business built entirely upon referrals from clients who are completely satisfied with the professional, straightforward, and caring service they received.

Lesley attained her licensed agent status in 1995 while working in Portland, Oregon. In 2001, she returned to her hometown of Reno and immediately immersed herself into Northern Nevada real estate. She has successfully negotiated numerous real estate transactions, including over 270 short sales during 2012-2014. Lesley prides herself on her strong marketing, problem solving and negotiation skills. She continually helps her clients through their transactions, while obtaining the best value for their property.

She is well respected by her peers and clients for her successes and exceptional service. Her knowledge in all aspects of sales, listings and escrows keeps her at the top of her game, and she is a premiere expert in short sales negotiation.

Lesley makes sure that her clients have a peace of mind in today’s complicated real estate market.