Buyer Service

Many of my buyers are coming to Northern Nevada from all over the world to capitalize on the great weather, lower taxes, and high quality of life. I have developed a system of helping buyers by educating them on the different areas of town and how those areas will fit into their lifestyle. It is critical to get an in-depth knowledge of the buyer’s motivation; whether they are relocating for a job and starting a family, or whether they are retiring and want a more quiet way of life. I will meet with you and conduct a Buyer Interview and then I will fit your wants and needs to a home that will match the lifestyle you desire. A fun and personalized tour of the city is added in so you are aware of all the wonderful choices in Northern Nevada!

When purchasing a home, the real estate commission is paid for by the seller, so your costs revolve around the accepted offer and what the seller agrees to pay. Many of the costs are negotiable, and how you write an offer is dependent upon the market. If the market is hot and there are few homes for sale, my advice is to offer market value. In a buyer’s market where there is plenty of inventory and homes are not selling quickly, you could ask the seller to pay for many of your costs. Ask about my weekly market updates for current information!

As a Buyer, it is critical to establish a relationship with a lender and obtain an approval letter for your future home purchase. Please take a look at our Partners page for lender recommendations. These are people who know the market, do a great job and have fantastic followup. Once you have that letter in hand you are ready to look at property and make an offer! Many of my transactions come from continued relationships with satisfied customers and referrals from those clients. My clients hire me because they know that purchasing or selling a home is the largest single financial event in their lives, and I work diligently for every client.

Contact me now! You will benefit by having a high powered agent ready to help you at every turn.