inset picture of reno Nestled next to the Sierras, Reno has several wetland communities


Northern Nevada offers a strong variety of properties for prospective buyers to choose from. Resulting from that variance is a robust sellers market. The result is an area that is rich for both buyers and sellers to flourish.

Reno, the largest city in Northern Nevada, offers many different types of living from downtown condominiums to duplexes to single family residences to large estates in various price ranges. Our current average price is about $240,000 but you can find homes in lower and higher price ranges. Other nearby towns offer comparable varieties but usually offer more specialized living based on the area.

For sellers, I offer a wealth of experience and knowledge as a leveraging point to get the best value for your sale. For buyers, I also leverage that experience and knowledge to efficiently narrow down your search and find your dream home. Either way, Lesley Veach works to solve your property needs, but provides a quality of service and attention to detail that is unparalleled in this area.