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“Directions 2015”

Directions 2015.   Every year the Reno Chamber of Commerce hosts an exciting event which examines last year and what we can expect for next year.  It was an great lineup sharing positive information about where we have been and where we are going.

An environment has been to developed to create jobs, and this should continue for a few years to come.  Nevada is the 2nd fastest growing state at almost 2% a year, and it’s the 6th highest inbound state in the U.S.  We are No. 3 in job creation with 6,400 last year and we will soon be No. 1.  Many of those jobs are coming from high tech companies such as Ashima devices, Ghost Systems, and BlackRidge Technology.  Other growing companies in the region include Amazon, Tesla, and Cenntro Motors which is manufacturing electric vehicles in Sparks.   New companies are moving in every month.   Northern Nevada is one of 6 test sites for drones, and Trimble, one of the drone manufacturers, has permission to test at Stead Airport.  The applications for drone usage are endless, from taking thermal pictures of mines to package delivery to even telemedicine or what they call an Air Ambulance.  Even crops can be treated with herbicides or pesticides for 1/12 of the cost using drones.    Along with all of this new technology UNR Reno’s Engineering Department now has a world class lab facility which are unrivaled.  UNR currently has just over 20,000 students and Engineering is their fastest growing department, and they are helping to create the graduates who can fill these high tech jobs.

The Reno Chamber of Commerce “Directions 2015” is a barometer for all businesses to help plan for the coming year.  We can see our strengths and weaknesses as well as what is needed for the future.  Reno’s future is certainly bright with more companies moving into the region because of favorable taxes and business practices, and our moderate cost of living and fabulous quality of life!