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Selling your house starts with preparation. I will meet with you initially to get a better idea of your goals and requirements. I will do an assessment of your home, and provide an initial consult on anything that would help improve your leverage once the home goes on the market. I’ll prepare a CMA, otherwise known as a Comparative Market Analysis, to get a general valuation of your home, and adjust that if other factors justify it.

The next step is to stage the house and prepare it for the market. Staging is occasionally an uncomfortable process for sellers, who may take it personally when told to re-arrange or change personal elements in their house, but the emphasis is to present the house best for the widest of potential buyers. Preparation also includes any immediate and obvious work required on your house, and I also have professional pictures taken of your house.

The house is entered into the Northern Nevada Realtors Multiple Listing Service, and the selling process begins. There’s a lot of potential options to help sell your house, and the eventual goal is to get one or more offers that you can choose to accept or not.

When you get an offer, a critical step is involved: negotiation. With short sales or other specialized sales, this expertise is even more critical. This is where having an experienced agent is key. After negotiation, you’ve hopefully arrived at accepting an offer!

Escrow involves the buyer vetting the property, typically through inspections and potential required repairs, and also other various processes to prepare the home for ownership transfer.

As a full service agent, I’m with you during every step of this process to make sure it is a smooth and enjoyable experience for you, the seller!